October 17 2019
* 48-009 sheet was sold out recently, but we still have gcorrection sheeth for Tarheel Hal. If modelers want to have it, please contact us.

August 03 2019

*A clear side view photo of "Hagakure" Go (48-042, A/C #5) was recently shown on the internet, and this showed mistake in decal of 48-042. We prepared correction sheet, and revised instruction sheets. If you are interested in these, please contact us through gcontact ush bottom.

January 06 2019
*We found some mistakes in Heinz Baerfs Me 109G (48-017 and 72-020) from recent books and internet photos, and we prepared correction sheets (Stab mark on fuselage, tire size mark on leading edge of wings) and revised instruction sheets (propeller spinner painting also). If you are interested in these, please contact us through gcontact ush bottom.

May 29 2018
*We made a mistake in mark 48 of 48-051 sheet, and printed a correction sheet for it. If you want to have it, please contact us by e-mail.

De‚ƒember 01 2017
*We have made correction/optional sheet for the over-sized Iron Cross marks 2 and 2A of decal 48-029. Modelers interested in getting this correction/optional sheet, please contact us by e-mail.

*We re-checked the photos of Schnellfs Fw190A-4 (A/C #1 of 48-019 and 72-022), and found that this A/C is not from Eastern front, but most probably participated in the Operation Anton, and the white bands on fuselage and wings are painted over. Thus we changed the illustration of this A/C as attached.

September 15 2017
*Correction sheet for A/C #3 (Jeanne III) of 48-052 is available now. This sheet has correct wording (Los Angeles City Limit) on the placard of A/C #3. If you want to have this correction sheet, please contact us.

November 29 2016
*We received one color photo and two more b/w photos of "Heaven's Above" from Mr. Chris German in USA, and have prepared optional sheet for this marking. If you want to have this sheet, please contact us from this site.

August 15 2015
*Right side photo of RAS-D was published in the book, "Planes and Pilots 12--Spitfire Mk VI to IX and Mk XVI (Histoire & Collections, 2015)", and the illustration in 48-007, 72-007 and 32-011 was found to be incorrect. The correct right side marking is as follows;

June 18 2015
*In April 2015 a new photo was published on the internet for gMrs.Bonnieh that we featured in 48-015 and 72-017. This photo clearly shows that this A/C was fitted with a whip antenna behind antenna mast, and white paint was applied between fuselage black bands and on flaps/ailerons of wings. The correct marking is as follows;

March 5 2015

*Recently we got the correct names of the crews shown on the right side of "Shy-Chi Baby" (that we featured in 72-029) from Mr. Robert Withorn, whose father was the bombardier of this A/C. With this information we made correction sheet, so modelers in need of this sheet, please contact us. We are very grateful to Mr. Withorn for this correct information.

December 21 2013
*We found second batch 48-030 decal has mark 75 (kill marks of Kobayashi A/C) printed in black erroneously. We will make correction sheet as soon as possible. If you want this correction sheet, please let us know your name and address by e-mail to lifelike@eos.ocn.ne.jp .

April 03 2013
*48-029--We have noticed that Lt. Friedrichs' A./C wore yellow staffel color on top surface of upper wing (illustration attached) at later stage. Optional decal sheet for this marking is now available on request.

April 8 2012
*We revised the assignment of black tulip Me 109 G-6 and marking of Hans Philipp's A/C in 48-016 based on recent customers' information. We also revised the wing top marking of Guenter Specht's A/C in 48-017 based on Dr. Prien's comment in a website. Correction sheet for Philipp's A/C is now available, and our idea for the top wing marking of Specht's A/C is shown here.

April 7 2012
*We found an error in the fin flash of Belgian AF Spitfire in 48-006. It should have black bar in front, and red one in the rear position. We have already amended this as shown in the product list.

December 13 2011
*We found a new photo showing the overall left side view of David Shilling's A/C, LM-S, adopted in our decal 48/72-011, and changed the illustration accordingly. The new illustration can be found "here".

September 25 2010
–Upon rechecking of available photos, we concluded that the color of "Daddy's Girl" on Capt. Wetmore's A/C(#48-015 & 72-017) is yellow, not white, and we prepared the correction sheet for this lettering. If you want to have this correction sheet, please contact us via e-mail.

March 7 2010
*On January 17th 2010 Mr. Shuho Kurita (pilot of "white tiger" Hayate featured in 48-031) died of heart failure. We prey he is living peacefully
in heaven.

August 17 2007

*After release of 48-008 we got a new information that there is a red background on the letter "FLAK HAPPY". If you want to build a model of this A/C with 48-008, please use this template for the red background.
*After the release of 48-009, we noticed some mistake on the nose marking of TARHEEL HAL. The correct marking is shown in the news of Feb. 10, 2005. We have printed a limited number of correction sheet for TARHEEL HAL in 1/48 scale. If you want this sheet, please contact us.

July 29 2007
*Very recently the left side photo of E-4 of Kdr. II/JG26 (48-018, A/C #2) was shown on the eBay site, and it clearly shows same 3 emblems on this side with the usual tiger head emblem (as provided in the decal) and 87 octane fuel stencil on the antler of the goat, but NO yellow diagonal band on fuselage.

May 18, 2007
*The photo of Nowotny's Fw190 A (48-019) with a triple chevron is shown recently in the following two books,
(1)Jet & Prop Foto-Archiv, Band 13
(2)Luftwaffe im Focus No. 11.

November 18 2006
*In some of the 48-017 sheet, we included an incorrect instruction sheet in which the Happel's A/C did not have mottling. Sorry for the mistake. The correct camouflage of Happel's A/C is attached herewith.

August 27 2006
Mr. Walter Fink (contributor to our decal 48-015) has informed us the following story on Lt. Olmsted from his friend: To the best of his memory, many many years ago, Chuck was very modest about his sole kill. He said that it was a Fw190 (short nose) that he bagged while flying his P-51B. He said that while trying to keep up as wingman to his leader during one fight, he suddenly found this Fw in front of him, so he pulled the trigger! Chuck also interestingly mentioned that besides that one time, he only saw an (airborne) EA only once more during his entire ETO tour.

May 17 2005
* There were some mistakes in the marking of "TARHEEL HAL" of 48-009, and its correction markings will be included in the 1/72 scale sheet to be released soon.
* We are going to release 1/72 version of 48-006/007 around summer of this year in response to many requests.

February 10 2005
–As introduced in the news of November 5, 2004, the amended illustration of FLAK HAPPY is shown here based on the information from Mr. Scott Baily.
–Recently we found the hitherto unknown photos of "TARHEEL HAL " which clearly shows the bottom half of stripes on the cowl flaps as well as of the blue paint on the nose. We found some mistakes in our decal design, so attached herewith is the corrected illustration.

December 2 2004
Shown here is a color photo of Ki-61 which we referred to in the 244th Sentai decal sheets (48-003, 004, 005). This photo was shown on Revi #27(1999). Contray to the brownish dark green color alleged in several books, its color is pure dark green without brown tint, and is darker than that on Ki-43 II taken at the same time. (Mr. Kenneth Buchanan via Mr. Martin Ferkl)

November 5 2004

About "FLAK HAPPY" on 48-008, recently Mr. Scott Bailey of Texas, U. S. A., kindly gave us an information with three color photos that the group emblem on the tail and the marking of the flaps consists of royal blue and yellow. (We do not have permission to show these photos on our website.) We know that the same information is shown in "Air Force Colors 2" (Squadron Signal), but as far as we can see from the color photos, the emblem on the tail is a yellow lightning bolt on "almost" black band, as is claimed in the W. Bodie's book. The marking of the cowl flaps is obviously yellow and dark blue from the color photos. We judged its color as black and white from the b/w photo in the Bodie's book, but at lease this should be changed.

Augsut 26 2004
After release of the decal 48-006, this photo was sent to us by Mr. Bob Swaddling of Canada. It was taken when SL721 was shipped to U. S. A., and clearly shows the s/n of the lower wing, which we did not include in the sheet. But we cannot be sure whether this s/n was alreadyapplied in 1946 or not. We thank Mr. Swaddling for this photo.